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RAGE 2: TerrorMania expansion is now available and shown on video

Bethesda reminds us with a launch trailer that is now available in RAGE 2 the TerrorMania expansion, which will allow us to explore the Kingdom of the Dead,the perverse and cursed alternate version of the Devastated Zone, as we fight for a powerful new sword by recovering the fragments of the Broken Disk Necrodisco.

TerrorMania can be downloaded from the game store in exchange for 500 RAGE credits. A special Digital Deluxe update of TerrorMania is also available for 1,750 RAGE credits, including:

  • RAGE 2 Expansion: TerrorMania
  • Mission The God of Death
  • Skin Reaper for Assault Rifle
  • Phoenix Zone Celebrity Skin
  • Mutant monster truck skin

We'll leave you or now to the launch trailer, have good viewing!

MX Video - RAGE 2