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Control updates with Photo Mode

If you've played with the title of Remedy and 505 Games Control,you'll probably agree that the game has unique and extremely fascinating environments and architectures, so much a shame that a real mode wasn't available to capture them from all angles. At least to this day.

The publisher today announced the release of the new title update that introduces Photo Mode,which allows us to capture, customize and share the best moments experienced in the Federal Bureau of Control.

Photo Mode is accessible via the in-game options menu and allows us to adjust the aperture opening, expand or narrow the viewing angle, adjust the depth of field and apply one of the ten available filters. You can also remove certain characters from the shot, so you can focus your photo on Control'sdistinctive brutalistcorridors, the wide open spaces, or the various paranormal phenomena that emerge from strange Size.

To get an idea of the possible shots with this new mode, we offer you below a series of sample images captured by the developers.