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A spectacular trailer for GRID invites us to compete with our hearts

Codemasters today released a new trailer for the GRIDracing game, entitled"Race withthe Heart ": the footage puts the spotlight on the many options available to the player, revealing new car classes on some of the circuits on the most challenging track and road and in different contexts, including night races and race conditions with heavy rain.

With a remixed version of Sophie and the Giants' "The Light" in the background, the trailer comes to life with theAudi R8 1:1 fighting, wheel-to-wheel, with the Honda CRX MightyMouse in Okutama Sprint. The action then moves to the traditional Zhejiang and Brands Hatch race tracks, where the SRT Viper GTS-R and Chevrolet Corvette C7.R compete to win.

The trailer culminates with the Prototype class featuring theAcura DPi and Cadillac DPi-V.R that run through the streets of Shanghai at night. With 104 events at the launch including challenges against FA Racing Esports and Fernando Alonso,players who will participate in the GRID World Series will clash with long-time opponents Ravenwest. With accessibility and choices as key elements, players have access to four cities and eight circuits with over 80 routes. With over 400 AIs ranging from the calmest to the most aggressive, measured to the unpredictable, each race will be unique and alive.

We leave you to the movie reminding you that GRID is expected for October 11; good vision!

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