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Gears 5, record launch: 3 million players, the most played XGS title of the generation

It was already evident when the game overtook Fortnite asthe most played title on Live, but now we have official confirmation: Microsoft has announced that Gears 5 has had the best launch of an Xbox Game Studios title of this generation with over 3 million players on the launch weekend,twice as much as Gears of War 4did.

Remaining within the first party studios, the last game to perform similarly was Halo 4,in 2012 and almost at the end of the Xbox 360 generation.

Of course, such a result is mainly due to the presence of the game in theXbox Game Pass,also thanks to the excellent offers that Microsoft has made to increase the user base of the subscription service, but it is true that many other games are come out at the launch on the Game Pass and this is the first truly successful of the service, a real killer app.

Obviously the purpose of Redmond's house will now be to try to retain as much as possible the players who have taken the Pass for Gears 5,keeping them interested with the constant addition of interesting new games: we hope that, from this point of view, the X019 event in mid-November is a hail of great announcements and news.

So we just have to congratulate Microsoft and The Coalition for this well-deserved success, and have fun to you with Gears 5!