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SEGA opens the teaser site of its new AAA; will it be called Humankind?

As we alreadyknew, SEGA will take advantage of gamescom to announce a new triple-Aproduction, of which nothing is known at the far time; However, the Japanese publisher today published a teaser site for the game asking fans to enter their email address to be among the first to know about the new title.

The site does not reveal anything about the game, but a clue we can draw from the address itself,, and from the page title, "HMKD". This acronym reminds us that, last December, SEGA had registered inJapan the brand "HUMANKIND" (Humanity), classifying it as a video game. HMKD looks just like the contracture of that name, so it's very likely that the new game will be called Humankind.

What it is, however, we do not know: we just have to wait until Monday night to find out!