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1C Entertainment announces King's Bounty 2 fantasy RPG

1C Entertainment has announced the development of King's Bounty2, a new RPG that follows the story of the eponymous title released in the early 1990s and will immerse us in a medieval world with fantasy elements, all with turn-based combat mechanics and an immersive RPG experience.

The game will see us take on the role of one of the three available heroes, each with its own unique story, within a detailed open world full of characters to meet and things to do, all with a cinematic story that will see us try to save the fortunes of the realm by a new evil that is threatening him. The game aims to blend an extreme historical realism with fantasy elements, offering a great depth both in the evolution of the character and in the tactical combat, which will take place in terrains where the differences and the various elements of the environment will be very important in any fight.

The release of the stock is still a long way off, as it is scheduled for 2020; meanwhile here's the announcement trailer and a set of images.

MX Video - King's Bounty 2