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Need for Speed Heat is official and arrives in November; ad trailer

As expected EA today revealed Need for SpeedHeat, a new episode of the popular car series developed by Ghost Games and coming on November 8 thracthat the publisher defines as "a reckless streetracer where the limits of the law vanish atsunset."

This is because the game, set in the fictional metropolis of PalmCity, will have two distinct souls within its open worldmap: by day we will be able to run in the Speedhunter Showdown,an authorized event where to run and win to customize and improve our cars; At night, however, we can download all the adrenaline and improve our reputation in clandestine racing, to have access to major races and exclusive parts. Of course, in all of this the police will be watching over the roads, and not all competitors will play clean.

No further details about the title have yet been revealed, but EA is promising a gameplay revelation next Monday at the gamecom's opening conference, while in the meantime we're shown a trailer that anticipates the atmosphere of the game. game. You can find it below along with a set of images, one of which shows the in-game graphics of the title. Have a good look!

MX Video - Need for Speed Heat