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New Trailer for GreedFall Sums Up The Gameplay Features

Focus Home Interactive today released a new trailer for the GreedFall RPG that shows us (with English subtitles) the mechanics of gameplay, from character growth to various combat options, up to interaction with other characters, party management and of course storytelling.

Character creation, including the choice of initial abilities, attributes, and talents, will be just the beginning of your journey on Teer Fradee, whether you choose to specialize or learn how to do a little bit of everything. In addition, the complex crafting system will allow you to customize your equipment, adapting its appearance and stats to better reflect your playing style.

When you have to resort to combat, you can approach the battles in your ownway: overwhelm your opponents with heavyweapons, parry and counterattack with stoccos, or control the battlefield with traps andmagic. The optional tactical pause menu will allow you to strategically choose your next move. Your team members will follow you into battle, but keep in mind that they are living people, each with their own dreams, desires, and motives. Saying or doing something wrong could falter their loyalty to you, or even eliminate it altogether.

Your decisions will bridge the future of the new and old world, and GreedFall will give you the freedom to take them. Wear armor from enemy factions to infiltrate their ranks, or use your diplomatic skills to influence the upper echelons of factions; these are just some of the possibilities offered in GreedFall.

Find the footage below, as we remind you that GreedFall is expected in stores on September 10. Have a good look!

MX Video - GreedFall