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The Sinking City prepares us for the release with the launch trailer

Frogwares Games and Bigben Interactive have released the launch trailer for The Sinking City, an open world investigative adventure with a Lovecraftiansetting, and remind us that the title is available on Xbox One from today for Necronomicon Editionowners, while from June 27 for those who have purchased the StandardEdition.

The Sinking City is an adventure and investigative game inspired by the H.P. Lovecraft universe and is set in the 1920s in Oakmont,a Massachusetts town hit by flooding and squeezed into the grip of forces Supernatural. The player will take on the role of a private investigator who must find out what has haunted the city and invaded the minds of its inhabitants.

These are the main features of the game:

  • Oppressive history and setting, inspired by the h.P. Lovecraft universe.
  • An extensive open world that can be explored on foot, by boat or in a diving boat
  • High replay rate thanks to an open investigation system: each case can be solved in different ways, with different endings depending on your choices.
  • An arsenal of 1920s weapons to take on nightmarish creatures.
  • Preserve your mental health to discover the truth behind the madness

Now we'll leave you to the launch trailer: good viewing!

MX Video - The Sinking City