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Halo Infinite: Pre-launch beta, LAN support, split-screen and more

After the chaos of E3, during which the beautiful new trailer of the game was released that gives us an idea of the history of title 343 Industries is back to talk about Halo Infinite in an update on the official website in which some details about the game are revealed.

The team confirms, but it was now clear, that the game will follow the story of Halo 5: Guardians positioning itself in a later time period (some think at least 3 yearslater, since Guardians is set in 2558 and in the trailer Of the E3 the boot screen of the Helmet of Master Chief shows that the armor mounts a new bios created in 2559 and last modified in 2561, since it places the trailer at least three years from the previous episode), also explaining that the release of the title will be preceded by a series of Beta ("flighting programs") phases that were initially exclusive to Xbox.

As for the game in company, the developers confirm support for the game in LAN,always one of the cornerstones of the Halo series, and although they do not confirm that the final game will have the split-screen explain that this feature is currently active and playable in the development version of the game, so there is good hope that it can be included. Finally, in multiplayer, we'll have at least the same armor customizable as we saw in Halo:Reach.

For now the information ends here: we'll be back to talk about Halo Infinite as soon as more news emerges!