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Microids: problems with the release of Toki on Xbox but is coming, date uncertain

In recent days we have received several messages from some of you asking us what happened to Toki,the remake of the famous arcade title of the late 80s that was scheduled for June 6; The title didn't go to the headline that day, and although the publisher later explained that it would arrive this week, it only came out on PS4 while the Xbox One version had no trace of it.

Pressed on Twitter, publisher French has now explained that the Xbox version of the title has not been undone and is still planned, but there have been issues with the release on the Microsoft platform. However, a new release date has not been announced, and we can already rule out next week as the title is not among those announced by Microsoft for nextweek.

We hope to have news maybe for the next week: we will keep you informed!