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BETHESDA announces major news for Fallout 76; Battle Royale mode coming soon

BETHESDA Game Studios relaunches the bet on Fallout 76 by presenting the upcoming moves to raise its latest and highly debated effort during the E3 showcase . It was the same director Todd Howard who illustrated the upcoming news package.

The most important change for the game will come in the fall, with the update called Wastelanders and that represents a kind of "second year" of the game, starting from a completely new questline . From the gameplay standpoint the most important novelty will be the introduction OF human NPC in the game and branching choices in pure "Fallout style" elements that had been excluded from the initial design of the title.

The other major novelty is the introduction of a 52-Player Battle Royale mode, which will challenge each other in a fight to the last survivor to fill the vacancy of the Vault 51 supervisor.

Throughout the week also, from June 10th to 17th, Fallout 76 will be playable as a free trial: at the disposal of gamers curious to try out the game there will also be a first Version of Nuclear Winter, the new Battle Royale mode.

We leave you at the trailer of presentation of Nuclear Winter, good vision!

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