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Still leak on Roller Champions: Pictures, videos and some details about the game

Only yesterday we told You about Roller Champions, a supposedly new Ubisoft sports title that combines rollerskates with ball-based sports, which today emerge further leaks on the title. Specifically, some images have emerged: the key art that will probably be used on the cover, the layout of the controller and the main menu, as well as a video upload that shows a couple of arenas where we can play.

The movie shows us two arenas set in Mexico and Acapulco, highlighting that they will be ring circuits with raised walls on which to do stunts and a transparent central wall that prevents players to "cut" from one part of the track ; The artistic style of the settings does not seem too far from that of Rocket League. No "goal" area is visible from the video, so it is unclear how the teams will score points.

There has also been some information: the game will always be online, you can make competitions fast, classified, personalized and tournaments, also we will be able to modify some aspects of the sound like the noise of the crowd, the music, the voices and the effects Sound.

The game should be announced at E3: In the meantime here is the video and leaked images.

MX Video - Roller Champions