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The Neapolitan Real game Machine announce the horror game first-person madness-Dear Father

The independent Neapolitan team Real Game Machine has announced these days the arrival on our consoles, scheduled for next fall, of Madness-Dear Father, disturbing horror game firsthand that there He sees in the shoes of a boy looking for his parents in a crazy university campus.

Here you find the official description of the game, together with the first creepy trailer and a set of images. Good reading and good vision!

Marcus Pitt is a ' different ' guy from the others, only because one day he is attracted by the horrors that emerged on the university campus where both his parents work. His journey will lead him to investigate and discover the truth about the latter, but during his course he is dragged into his worst nightmare and will have to fight to find a way out while remaining alive and sane. The place of education has been transformed into a place of horror and death. Initially he will have a handful of useful elements to help him get through the dark corridors, Marcus will have to take courage and gather all his strength to survive and continue to seek his parents. Although it may already be too late, his hope of finding them alive will be the last to die. All the people on campus already seem to have been turned into something seemingly non-human.

Find your way and look for clues that will lead you to discover why a university has become a real slaughterhouse. Keep your eyes open, since the torch you have in your hand could go off any minute and wrap yourself in the darkness again. Walk through the corridors, explore each room, go back to find more clues and access other sections of the university campus, but always be aware that whatever happened here, the evil has now settled in and winds through the whole structure .

Main Features:

  • Overwhelming Survival Horror Experience-you never know from which side the enemies will appear from the dark.
  • Replay value-Challenge yourself on three difficulty levels, from beginner to hardcore-gamer.
  • Keep calm and remain silent-as every Survival Horror stealth is the key to surviving... Sometimes!
  • Exploration-Find consumable items, resources, and collectibles to uncover all the secrets.
  • Did you hear that?! -Soundtrack and overwhelming environmental sounds that will freeze your blood.
  • Backtracking-unlock additional parts of the map, your exploration will be rewarded if you know how to search.
  • Horrifying enemies-everyone is different, so make sure you know them before you get close to them.
MX Video - Follia - Dear Father