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Rumor: Activision changes plans for CoD in 2020, Treyarch to command with a new Black Ops

As you will know well, for several years Activision has added a third team to lead the series Call of Duty, Sledgehammer Games (assisted by Raven Software), so as to give a year more time to each team to develop their own episodes of the series. Last year was the turn of Treyarch with Black Ops 4, this year will be That of Infinity Ward and the next would Have To Touch To Sledgehammer and Raven, already Authors of avanced Warfare and CoD: WWII.

However, we use the conditional because, according to a report from the American site Kotaku, it will not be.

It seems that Activision was dissatisfied with how Sledgehammer and Raven Software were conducting the development of the title, which should have been set at the time of the cold War, probably in Vietnam; It seems that there were frequent quarts and clashes of Opnioni between the two teams, making the situation unmanageable.

The management then informed the two teams that will not take care of the game and that instead the title output in 2020 (important, because it will come at the same time with the new consoles and probably a cross-gen game) will be directed again by Treyarch and It will be a new title in the Black Ops series.

Sledgehammer and Raven will still be playing, but only as support studies at Treyarch in the creation of the new Black Ops. But not all the work done so far by the two teams will be lost: The campaign of the game will in fact be transformed into the campaign of the new Black Ops, also set during the Cold War.

Last important information released by the site: it seems that Activision, always refractory to free-2-playapproaches, has decided that this game will incorporate some kind OF component F2P, probably imagine a mode of Battle Royale, which will be playable without having to buy the title. Prepare to make war on the great actors of the free-2-play arenas?

We just have to wait to find out whether the news is true or not; However, Activision must still disclose this year's CoD, and we do not know when they will see that, it seems, will not be present at E3. Continue to follow us to find out more!