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A new operator arrives in Rainbow Six: Siege for Operation Phantom Sight

The one coming is a very important weekend for the ever-rich community of Rainbow Six: Siege. First, during the weekend will be held in Italy (at the Palazzo del Ghiaccio in Milan) The seasonal finals of the Pro League, a world-class event of great relevance in the panorama of e-sports.

The new operation, called Phantom Sight, will be revealed in detail to the public on May 19 at the Italian event, and then be released presumably at the beginning of June.

As usual, with the update will be made available to players also new operators. The first to be presented in detail is the mysterious striker Nøkk, coming from the Danish special forces and devoted to a stealthy approach to reconnaissance and infiltration tasks. The peculiarity of NØKK is represented by its gadget, the presence reducer HEL, with which it is able to transform into a lethal "ghost" from which the opponents must constantly beware.

At the moment you do not know yet any details about the new defender provided by the update, if not the battle name: Warden.

Please note that these operators will be available for free on the launch day for the Rainbow Six: Siegepass holders for the Year 4, while they can be purchased from the next week by all other players.

We leave you to the trailer of presentation of NØKK, good vision!

MX Video - Rainbow Six: Siege