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Bethesda reveals RAGE 2 's post-launch release plan between free and paid content

RAGE 2 will come in a few days, next Tuesday, and BETHESDA then takes advantage of it to illlustrarci the plan of the post-launch releases planned for the game, which from month to month add new content and fun opportunities both free and A fee.

Among the free upgrades we will find new weapons, vehicles and special "events" that will introduce some new features in the game world such as a Demolition Derby or a "Global warming" event, while among the paid content We'll find two DLC, one in August and one in the fall, which will add new stories, areas, weapons, vehicles and more, greatly expanding the gaming experience.

Here are the details released by the publisher.

The party does not end with the publication of RAGE 2 on May 14.

Between events, community challenges, new vehicles, additional enemies, new cheats and two huge expansions, the RAGE 2 calendar is packed all over the 2019. Find out what awaits you after publishing the game with this practical action plan.


In the week of publication, the Challenges of the RAGE 2 community will begin. Complete these collective challenges and each participant will get free skins. Overcome the first Community challenge and you will get the sickening comet gun skin. To receive the rewards of community challenges, you must be online and logged in to your account. In the months of May and June we will post a weekly challenge, so keep an eye on RAGE 2 's Twitter account and the daily messages that will appear in the game to learn about the ongoing challenges and their rewards.

RAGE2 Roadmap VomitComet

In addition to the weekly community challenges, you will have access to a new gaming event: "Arriva Ruckus", with Ruckus the exterminator. Stay tuned to learn more.


The first big update of the game will come a month after the publication, with new community challenges, new cheats and two fantastic events: the first will introduce a mech pilotable as a new vehicle and the second will add a new gigantic enemy to the wild World of RAGE 2. And all this will be free.

RAGE2 Roadmap Sandworm


In July we will publish another big update of the game, with a new type of vehicle and a new enemy. We will continue to churning out new community challenges, skins and cheats available to everyone.

RAGE2 Roadmap Mech


In addition to a lot of new events and other goodies, August will bring us the first big expansion of RAGE 2: The advent of ghosts, with a new narrative strand and a new region to explore, as well as new weapons, skills and vehicles. Find out what happened to the ghosts since the last time you saw them in the first RAGE.


RAGE 2 has many other things in store for you throughout the 2019, including the second major expansion coming up in November. Soon we will share more details, so keep an eye on Twitter for not losing anything.