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Sea of Thieves: The Anniversary Update is now online

After a long standstill of the servers that came from this morning until 18:10, Rare has finally released the expected update 2.0 of Sea of Thieves, called Anniversary update because it comes to a year after the launch of the game. The update, 8.5 GB on Xbox One and 8.9 GB on Xbox One X, adds such a mole of novelty to make the title pirate almost like a completely new experience.

The news that you can explore in this new version of the game include:

  • TheArena, the new multiplayer area detached from the main adventure in which the most competitive players can prove themselves against the opposing crew;
  • The Tall Tales, the new story Driven Adventures (the first is Shores of Gold) think both for lone pirates and in group and who will see us interacting with new characters, with lots of cut-scenes cinematic, following an exciting story , solving puzzles and battling enemies, including bosses;
  • Hunter's Call, the new company created by the old pirate Merrick who will test us with missions of hunting, fishing and cooking

But these innovations are just the tip of the iceberg of an update that distorts the game in many areas: to better support the Arena, for example, the combat system has been completely revised to be more addictive and less cumbersome, while To support Merrick's requests it is now possible to go fishing and cook our game. Then there is the brand new harpoon aboard the ships, usable in many different ways that we leave to you discover, and many other novelties: find everything in the substantial release notes on this page.

In short, with the Anniversary Update Sea of Thieves is a completely new game: climb aboard and start exploring it!