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The Surge 2 returns to show itself in a set of images

Focus Home Interactive and Deck13 have today released a new set of images of the Surge 2, the souls-like sci-fi that follows the events of the first title released two years ago. The new title will follow the path traced by the predecessor, with challenging, brutal and very technical fights and a focus on the character progression system.

The setting will be totally different: The game will take us in fact in an immense and devastated metropolis, with a level design much more complex than in the past, all powered by a new version of the engine owner of DECK13.

The new images show us precisely this new setting and the capabilities of the graphics engine, as well as highlighting the fact that this time we can play in the shoes of a man (the protagonist, Warren) and a woman, maybe even in co-op. We leave you to the images, reminding you that The Surge 2 is expected by the end of the year. Good Vision!