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A Star Wars artwork by Jedi: Fallen Order transpires reveals the protagonist and setting

As you probably know, Sunday morning is scheduled To Reveal star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the new title set In The World Of Star Wars By respawn Entertainment, the Authors of Titan and Apex. Waiting for the revelation on Sunday, however, today we can make a first idea of the game thanks to an artwork leaked from Amazon.

The image, which you can admire below, shows us several interesting elements: obviously the Jedi armed with lightsaber stands out, in fact we should perhaps say a Jedi, since the physical structure and hairstyle seem to recall a female character; Then we notice that the protagonist will be accompanied by a droid that seems endowed with the ability to reveal or scan ancient inscriptions on the rock, probably part of our research in the history of the game. Then We notice a snowy mountain landscape on which a huge spaceship crashed, and whose skies are patrolled by Tie Fighter shuttles.

Obviously all this only increases our curiosity in view of the event on Sunday morning: Continue to follow us to learn more and here is now the leaked image!