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Bigben announces the extravagant RPG Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory

Bigben Interactive today announced a new title of the French Cyanide Studio (Call Of Cthulhu, Styx, Game Of Thrones): Paranoia: Happiness IS Mandatory is an unusual isometric RPG set in the last refuge of mankind, the Alpha Complex, controlled entirely by an artificial intelligence that regulates the life and obligations of the guests of the structure.

In The game we will have to control a team of Solvers, a team of specialists involved in maintaining control of the Alpha Complex to the sound of firearms, and always under the careful control of the I. A. Governing the place.

The game, which seems to have even some humorous connotations, is expected by the end of the year: here you find the official description and the announcement trailer.

Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory It is a role-playing game set in the last, idyllic haven of mankind: The Alpha complex, controlled by The Computer. All Citizens live a life of joy, cheerfulness and hygiene. Doubting the benevolence of the Computer is considered treason. Access to information that requires a higher level of security than your own is considered treason. Refusing to drink the daily dose of Bouncy Bubble Drink is considered treason. Betrayal is punishable by summary execution.

Stay Alert! Don't Trust anyone!
Everywhere lurking traitors who plot to destroy the Computer, the Alpha Complex and our precious lifestyle. Identify Them, report them or delete them: they're just ungrateful scum. Keep Your laser Ready!
You're in charge of a team of Solvers with a RED security level. Your job is to identify the problems and solve them by shooting. The Computer monitors your every move and monitors every sign of treason, and will certainly reward your heroic and resolute deeds in defense of the Alpha Complex. But if you stain with treason, it's just as certain that he will punish you, perhaps using you as a shield for a nuclear reactor.

  • Live in a retro-futuristic world full of technologies as stunning as lethal
  • Create and guide A team of four Solvers at the Computer service
  • Choose your specialization between 16 skills
  • Experience an unprecedented character advancement system thanks to the clones (if you die, you'll continue to advance)
  • Use a tactical combat system with active pauses, inspired by classic RPGs
  • Defeat original enemies, including malfunctioning robots, aggressive beverage distributors and defective clones
MX Video - Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory