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Announcement: Watch our trailers also on YouTube and Facebook!

As you will know if you follow us for some time, all the trailers, gameplay and other videos that we offer are generally uploaded on Dailymotion but sometimes you might want to see them elsewhere, for Example on YouTube or maybe on Facebook, for Share them directly with your friends. Today We announce a novelty designed to allow you to see our videos wherever you want.

From Today we publish all the movies also on Our YouTube channel And On Facebook Game Trailers Italy, which we have created specifically for the purpose of hosting our movies on the social platform.

The videos published in our news will continue to be provided by the platform French Dailymotion (which contributes to the livelihood of the site with a percentage on the advertising revenue of the videos), but if you want to see and share Those same videos on YouTube and Facebook, you can now do it!

If You like this initiative, we ask you to subscribe to our YouTube channel and/or Follow The Facebook Game Trailers Italypage, sharing them with your friends too!