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Red Dead Online updates us on upcoming news: Hostility System, Game Styles and more

Rockstar has revealed some of the novelties that will come with Red Dead Online's next big Spring update, The Red Dead Redemption 2 multiplayer component still in beta. Specifically, the developers expect to bring in the game two big news: the system Of hostility and the ability to Choose the style of play, offensive or defensive. Keep reading for all the details.

System of Hostility
The System of Hostility is a further evolution of the measures already adopted in this field and added in February, with more intelligent and reactive functionalities able to guarantee to the player an immersion in the game world through clashes between players . For example, players who have been dealt damage by an opposing player can defend themselves without an increase in size or Hostility. Previously, the attacker and his target were both marked as enemies; Now, the player who inflicts the damage will be immediately marked as enemy of the attacking player. Players will not accumulate an increase in Hostility in the event of a player being killed branded as an enemy.

An increase in Hostility will not occur in situations such as Free Roam events, Free Roam missions, Showdown and Competitions. Clashes between players in the Free Roam missions will not lead to an increase in Hostility, but attacking other players who are not involved in the activity causes the level of Hostility to increase.

The system of Hostility also has many other features, which will help balance the experience for all game styles.

Offensive and defensive Playing Style
Some players simply want to immerse themselves in the game world, go horseback riding, hunting and fishing in Santa pace. We Want these to enjoy the experience as they like, while still remaining alongside the other players. The offensive playing style resembles the Free Roam as we already know it, while the defensive game style is an advanced version of the passive mode, designed to be able to live Red Dead Online more Quietly. Players will be given greater flexibility as to how they want to interact with the world while reducing hostilities with other players.

The choice of defensive play style will allow a less confrontational approach: Players who use the defensive playing style will not be able to be taken to the lasso by other players. However, if a player who has chosen the defensive play style takes another player to the lasso, they will be removed from the defensive option and receive a significant increase in the level of Hostility. By Choosing the defensive style of play, players will lose the ability to hook others, but on the other hand they cannot be hooked in turn.

Players who choose the defensive playing style will be able to use the manual aim and can be targeted in manual aim in turn, and they will neither receive nor inflict serious damage: in fact, if a player who has chosen the style of play Defensive receives a blow to the head, will survive and can defend itself taking advantage of the system of Hostility or fleeing, still remaining in defensive option. Other adjustments will be related to the defensive style of play, all built to work fluidly with the system of Hostility and that of the bounty and keep the players tied to the game world.

Other News:

  • More missions "the Land of opportunity": Continue to follow the search for Revenge of Jessica Leclerk and explores the missions gunfighter or outlaw.
  • New types of Free Roam quests and new characters from which to receive them: Red Dead Online is set a few years before the events of the story, so be prepared to meet new faces, but also some already known, during your Trip to the frontier.
  • Introduction of dynamic Events: Repel ambush, undertake rescue missions, protect people in distress and much more during your journey into the world of gaming.

In Addition, there will also be updates to the character creation system, a new structure for everyday Challenges that will eliminate hostilities in Free Roam and introduce better rewards for series of challenges, the return of another classic weapon from the first Red Dead Redemption, the lemat Revolver, and much more.