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Konami celebrates its 50 years with 3 new collections of great classics

This year the Japanese Konami House celebrates 50 years, and on the occasion of this historic anniversary celebrated bringing on our consoles a series of games that have made their history of the brand. There are Three collections that will be published during the coming months, respectively dedicated to the classics from the Games room, the Castlevania series and Contra.

The first to come out will be the Konami Anniversary collection: Arcade Classics on April 18, while later in the summer the other 2, Namely The Castlevania Anniversary Collection and Contra Anniversary Collection. Below is a more precise detail of what they contain:

Konami Anniversary Collection: Arcade Classics

  • Haunted Castle (1998)
  • Typhoon (A-JAX) (1987)
  • Nemesis (Gradius) (1985)
  • Vulcan Venture (Gradius II) (1988)
  • Life Force (Salamander) (1986)
  • Thunder Cross (1988)
  • Scramble (1981)
  • Twinbee (1985, Japan-Exclusive)
  • Bonus Book: This will contain several information about the games of the collection: including drafts, interviews and much more.

Castlevania Anniversary Collection

  • Castlevania (1987, NES)
  • Castlevania III: Dracula'S Curse (1990, NES)
  • Castlevania II: Belmont'S Revenge (1991, Game Boy)
  • Super Castlevania IV (SNES, 1991)
  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
  • Bonus Book

Contra Anniversary Collection

  • Contra (1987, Arcade)
  • Super Contra (1988, Arcade)
  • Super C (1990, NES)
  • CONTRA III: The Alien Wars (1992, SNES)
  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
  • Bonus Book

As you can see the two collections arriving this summer have not yet been completely defined but we will inform you as soon as Konami will release new information. For sure these collections can make a gorge to lovers of retro games; We leave you to the short announcement trailer, good vision!

MX Video - Konami Anniversary Collection