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Fallout 76: The Wild Appalachia Update is now available and is shown in video

BETHESDA informs us that today's Fallout 76 is the first part of the free update Wild Appalachia, which introduces new quests, features, events, creation systems, and more; This will allow players to face a new mission dedicated to creating interesting beverages that help them (in a very special way) deal with the horrors of Appalachia, including a new legendary beast.

These are the features of the update:

  • New quests: Terror 100%!
    • Discover the "Cryptidi" Secrets of Appalachia in a new series of missions and encounters that flank the monster to the myth.
  • New quests: More and more efficient!
    • Reach the most remote depths of the woods with the new stories of the legendary Scout pioneers. Get merit badges, climb the ranks and earn a new backpack that is very useful and customizable.
  • New features: Legendary trade and recycling!
    • Find the mysterious collector to swap and recycle the legendary items you don't need and get new ones. For each classification star of a legendary recycled object, you increase the odds of getting the legendary weapon or armor of your dreams.
  • New features: Decorations for the C.A.M.P., player distributors and new camera
    • Use the items in your storage to decorate the C.A.M.P., build distributors to put the merchandise on sale and shoot wonderful snapshots thanks to the new camera. Distributors do all the work: you only have to count the caps!
  • New features: Mescita and distillation
    • Discover the secrets of the legendary Nuka-Shine, the forbidden alcoholic, and organize parties at home disting your favorite new drinks in C.A.M.P.
  • New seasonal event: Fasnacht Parade
    • Greet Mr. Winter and celebrate the arrival of spring with the ancient festival of Fasnacht! Join the parade and complete this limited time event to get unique rewards like Fasnacht's masks.
  • New game mode: Survival
    • This mode raises the stakes of PVP experience with more restrictions, improved rewards, new challenges and all the contents of the original Adventure mode!

You can have a taste in the following trailer: Good vision!

MX Video - Fallout 76