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Anthem: EA speaks of endgame and evolution of the game world

close, EA updates us today on content endgame (ie those that will be available once you reach level 30, the maximum available for now) and evolution post-launch of the game world. You can read the whole thing here, besides seeing a new trailer showing us endgame content specifically. Happy reading and enjoy!


Check out what awaits once completed the main story of Anthem.

Anthem is meant to be a living, breathing world changing, where game experience may evolve steadily over time. As soon as you start playing, you'll discover for a richly textured and when you reach the end of that story you're only at the beginning of the adventures offered uninterrupted Anthem.

We will continue adding new content, features and fixes to improve the gaming experience. Will be available through a number of updates called "acts" and will serve to advance the plot of Anthem by adding new locations, gameplay features, characters and more.

The first act will begin in March and culminate in a cataclysm, a temporary event that will change the world, with extreme weather, dangerous new enemies and new mysteries to solve. What will happen in the future? You'll find out!

Details about the end-game

Level increase

Gradually you will explore the world of Anthem and we embark on various missions, your driver level will increase and this will allow you to unlock new building blocks of your arrows (as a second weapon slot, for example). Once you reach level 30 pilot, which is the highest level available, you can continue to power up your arrows by customizing the layout with equipment increasingly developed. A most uncommon equipment will surely be more powerful but also more difficult to obtain.

Once you have reached the end-game content of Anthem, you will get new equipment in various ways. It won't be easy, but it is worth it. Below, you can take a look at the various options available.

Higher difficulty levels

In Anthem, there are six different difficulty levels: easy, normal, hard, Grand Master, Grand Master and Grand Master 2 3. The three difficulties Grand Master are unlocked when you reach driver level 30. Once you have completed the main story of Anthem, you can increase the difficulty level of the entire game to experience even more exciting.

The higher the difficulty level, the greater your chances of getting wargear and items for customisation rarer.


If you can't find something, fabbricalo. Some goals of end-game will allow you to attract manufacturing projects and items for customization, while others will help you getting the materials to processing and coins you will need to obtain a specific item on the basis of your projects.

Complete various missions by end-game, as described below, to release and retrieve all the items you need.

Legendary contracts and contracts

As you become more powerful, the inhabitants of Fort Tarsis cannot remain indifferent to your skill and not look forward to giving you assignments. The various factions of Fort Tarshish did propose contracts missions sometimes unpredictable, that only a specialist will be able to accomplish. Enhancing your reputation among different groups, you will be able to attract manufacturing projects.

Prove yourself to the factions you work with to ensure that you come up with legendary contracts. These missions consist of different parts that require special efforts, skills and firepower, but they offer extremely valuable rewards.

Daily, weekly and monthly challenges

Once you have a project, you'll need to get working materials and corresponding equipment necessary to manufacture coins. Completing periodic challenges as you embark on various missions, you'll get the raw materials that will help you make the objects represented in the projects.

We'll share more information about periodic challenges as we approach the launch of the game.


The strongholds, some of the biggest challenges that characterize the universe of Anthem, will put a strain on the skills of your entire team. These missions will take you very long to tackle some of the most fearsome enemies of this world, which will become more and more as you explore the intricacies of these unknown territories.

You will have to overcome all the obstacles you encounter along your path to receive some of the most valuable rewards in the game. Communicating consistently and effectively with other members of your team and use what you have learned during your journey from specialist to be able to get away with it.

Exploration of the game world

You can access all the above mission through free play mode, which lets you roam freely in the world of Anthem. Once outside the walls of Fort Tarsis, you can adopt a targeted approach and direct access to the missions and the strongholds indicated on the map or, Alternatively, you can take it easy and explore the various environments in search of secrets and bottini. Global events take place randomly in free play and the environment can change in an instant, so eyes open. You never know where will your adventures: rewards, mysterious discoveries or something that you don't see.


The world of Anthem is terrifying, dangerous and unpredictable and, sooner or later, you'll find yourself having to deal with its most deadly phenomena: the cataclysms. These events will cause distortions like extreme weather, overabundance of hostile creatures and changes in the scenario that will lead you to shed some light on new mysteries.

Through these events particularly challenging, you get mysterious rewards, about which we will tell you more very soon.

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