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The puzzle-platformer 3D Etherborn is coming this spring

FoxNext Games, the gaming section of the famous film company 20th Century Fox, and Humble Bundle announced along with Altered Matter, a small indie studio based in Barcelona, their Etherborn : a three-dimensional platform game with puzzle that will allow players to play literally with gravity.

The debut title of the Spanish team will see us explore expansive environments from dreamlike atmospheres, where we will have to learn to handle the physics to solve numerous puzzles advancing in the game world.

The protagonist is a being from the faded silhouette and transparent, but mostly devoid of vocals, and right now the players that they will inpersonate will understand its purpose: follow a voice and reach it: Ethereal voice will guide us towards the destination of our trip.

The mechanics of the game, lived all with third person view, will allow us to walk along the walls of the game world, to move and to levitate or manipulate gravity depending on the situation. The title will have only a single player mode and will include subtitles in Italian.

Etherborn will be available on Xbox One this spring; Meanwhile we can begin to admire the surreal environments and oriniche atmosphere in a short trailer and a set of images. Good vision!

MX Video - Etherborn