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Rockstar Games: a series of job advertisements suggests next gen projects

Despite being a veteran by the incredible success of his latest masterpiece Red Dead Redemption 2 released just over two months ago, Rockstar Games looks already projected towards the future and be working on a few projects concerning new titles generation.

From some ads posted on the site it seems that Rockstar has in the pipeline complete titles that will include improved technology used for facial animation, we already have seen be very realistic and at the forefront of Red Dead Redemption 2.

In particular, the research relates to profiles Rockstar India, in which ad appears searching for technical artists and the description is accompanied by the phrase " be part of a team that will create next generation worlds for some exciting upcoming projects. " The job position of Rockstar New York concerns developers Technical Face for improved technology and facial Motion Capture , while Rockstar Toronto is committed to finding Senior Technical Artist "to help research and develop new technologies for future titles".

Knowing Rockstar 's approach, we can assume that the new titles will see the light from several years and which will be posted on next-generation consoles; Suffice it to say that among GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 8 5 years have passed, while those who divide the realization of RDR2 by his predecessor took place way back in 2010.

Finally, knowing the policy that has always distinguished Rockstar , we will definitely wait a long time for a future announcement of one or several titles that may concern a sequel to games already known or a possible new IP.