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An update of Darksiders III adds classic series combat system

One of the things that some fans of the series Darksiders have less digested in Darksiders III is the partial souls-ization that the series has received with this last episode, with a combat system that greets the old combo and lightning-fast attacks from action game in favor of a series of attacks and dodges more reasoned. Gunfire Games wants though please all players, and has released an update to remedy the situation.

The update introduces an option, which can be selected at will by players to adventure started, to move to the "classic" combat system that now allows us to Dodge while we are making an attack, thus reducing drastically the window of vulnerability of fury and making the gameplay much more dynamic. Those who want to use the system souls-like, preventing us from stopping an action once we start holding forth thus more easily to enemy attacks, will not have to do anything because it will remain the default option.

Darksiders III was released in late November and you can read our review to find out more.