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Prey: Mooncrash is enhanced with the asymmetric multiplayer upgrade Typhon Hunter

Bethesda and Arkane Studios announced today the updated Typhoon Hunter for the DLC Mooncrash of Prey ; coming December 11 , the update is totally free to owners of version Deluxe Edition the title or DLC Mooncrash and provides for the introduction of a new multiplayer mode.

Typhoon Hunter consists basically in a kind of hide and seek online: matches can accommodate a maximum of 6 players at a time, one of whom will play the lead role Morgan Yu and the other 5 will play the part of mimic shapeshifters, with the ability to turn into any object on the map in order to escape the eyes of the player "Hunter". Morgan's goal is to kill all the mimics before time runs out just using an adjustable wrench or a gun, while the aliens have to survive at any cost because they will have one life available. To do so will remain hidden and wait or try to kill Morgan, an action which, if successfully completed, will slow down the clock and give them more time to regroup while waiting for the main character falls into play.

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