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Red Dead Online: progress may not be retained after the Beta

Yesterday, he kicked off the wait Beta of Red Dead Online , multiplayer Red Dead Redemption 2 , to which they had access to early holders of the Ultimate Edition of the game, followed on today by those who played the 26 October, day of the title. The Beta will continue tomorrow to everyone who played from 26 to 29 October and Friday for all owners of the game allowing participation in a larger number of players and allowing Rockstar to test the best functionality prior to final launch.

Rockstar , through a long press on the official website that details the contents, held to clarify that the progress made in the course of the Beta may not be retained and declaring that "the progress of players obtained during this period in beta will remain intact for a long time but, as in many other large beta, we may have to clear the ranks or other stats in case of problems ".

It is currently not known the duration of the Beta and in this regard, Rockstar has stated they will take the time needed to make Red Dead Online experience, fun and fully functional. This could take weeks or months, time that will allow the same rock star to fix errors, improve systems and implement feedback from players.

There only remains to wait for new information and details. Stay tuned!