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Anthem: BioWare shows us the editor of personalization of Barbs

BioWare returns to show us new details of Anthem , its highly anticipated action-RPG coming out next February. With a live stream developers have deepened the theme customizations apply to Barbs, fascinating and highly advanced Exo-suits which are one of the distinctive features of the game.

In fact, the freedom given to players in defining the appearance of their Javelin proves to be quite remarkable.

First, it will be possible to intervene specifically on the different elements that make up the suit, even customizing independently on each limb. The customization will be then activated on several levels: starting from the selection of the material you can add textures and other effects such as the level of wear and tear of component: for example, if a part of the suit is made of cloth, you can staining it, or tear the cloth.

Needless to say, you can also define freely the colors we want to splurge on the battlefield.

We must not forget that since the initial announcement it was stated that Anthem will contain microtransactions relating to cosmetic items, so it is easy to imagine some textures and options are initially locked. This has been reiterated explicitly during the video, even if BioWare has preferred not to fall again into the details about how to unlock these items.

If you are interested in exploring the potential of this editor, there remains to follow the entire session in the video posted below: enjoy!

MX Video - Anthem