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The Council comes in complete edition in stores and is enriched with the Italian

Bigben Interactive has announced that on 4 December will hit stores digital and physical the full edition of The Council , that the price of 34.99 Euros will include all five episodes of episodic adventure of Big Bad Wolf (the last is not yet was released, and it will add automatically when available).

But that's not all: with the arrival of this Edition, the game will even subtitles in Italian , making it more palatable as well in our country.

The adventure of The Council takes place in 1793 and sees us as Louis de Richet, invited to the meeting of a secret society that the enigmatic Lord Mortimer invited in his possession: a small island far away from the rest of England. Here meet the other guests of the mysterious guest Lous, including Napoleon Bonaparte, and George Washington. But the strange nature of this private meeting goes beyond the simple prestige of its guests: the mother of the protagonist has recently disappeared on that island, and each of the characters involved seems to hide dark secrets.

If you had not yet played this interesting adventure, perhaps because frightened by the English language, this is the right opportunity to retrieve it!