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Void Bastards: first pictures and information about the gameplay

After the revelation of the new FPS last night during the live Inside Xbox, Humble Bundle and Blue Manchu have now released a first set of images that underscore how the title will have a graphic style strongly inspired by that of Borderlands including onomatopoeia comics stories that emphasize the sounds stronger. Have also been disclosed the first details about the features of the game.

The title will be exclusively single-player and we will present a campaign of 12-15 hours in which we will have to drive a horde of prisoners, the Void Bastards outside the Sargasso Nebula. It's up to us to decide where to go, what to do and who to fight, and the prisoners who follow us will fight by our side.

The structure of the game sees us jump through shipwrecks abandoned space, on which even before fighting we will carefully plan our path on the master of the ship to make sure we don't encounter enemies too powerful to get unharmed the next ship. The game also includes a survival component, because in our path we may also collect useful materials to build weapons and tools.

We leave you to images: enjoy!