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Rumor: Crackdown 3 will be called New Providence, is separated from the multiplayer?

DISCLAIMER: this article was written in Italian and machine-translated to English. Please forgive the poor wording and try to focus on contents :) - With X018 quickly approaching, Microsoft today published the Crackdown 3 page on the Microsoft Store, reserving us some unexpected surprises. First of all, there's the name of the game, now called Crackdown 3: New Providence .

New Providence is the city in which you set the campaign game: because adding it to the title game? Our suspicion is that this was done to differentiate the title from its multiplayer segment , which will be separated and sold even without the main game , although it will still be included for those who will buy (or will get in the Game passes) Crackdown 3: New Providence . We find out what brought us to this conclusion.

First, we note that in the list " Functionality " of the game entries " single player ", " Xbox Live online Cooperative (2) " and " cross-platform Xbox Live Co-op ", which highlight how the campaign will be playable alone or in two-player co-op (also cross platform with PC), but is completely absent " Multiplayer online " that accompanies the titles feature a multiplayer segment.

Continuing to read though lower gaming features, we also find this part: " Get the demolition Area , a 100% destructible to the battle arena, powered by Microsoft Cloud ". The demolition Area is the multiplayer title that sector will have a full destructibility processed on Microsoft's Azure Cloud. The fact that the description says " Get ", coupled with the fact that the game board shows the multiplayer, tells us that the demolition Area is actually a separate game than the main one, which will be available from who will buy Crackdown 3: New Providence but which will be obtainable, but probably at a lower price, even separately, by those interested only in multiplayer.

Latest interesting information given to us from this page is the list of languages supported by the game , which also includes the Italian , but it is not specified if it is just the subtitles or there will be a full dubbing in our language. But the fact that there are many languages besides English (French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese and Japanese) gives us hope in a full localization.

If all this is true we'll find out only at X018, in two days: stay tuned to see what's new on Crackdown 3 !