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Elite: Dangerous, a new one-hour gameplay shows us the first news of the new upcoming DLC

As promised, Frontier Developments started to show its first new models coming with Chapter Four , the last free update of the season Beyond the space Simulator Elite: Dangerous . In this long gameplay, played direct from the development team, shows some of the most important innovations that will touch and edit heavily some foundations of the game.

The video shows us some new features such as a substantial reconfiguration of the interface pilot, adding the codex, graphical improvements and lighting, a new navigation system, and so on.

Coming soon will be shown new planets, ships, multiplayer features and more. The release of the DLC's previta to late November, and will be completely free for Season Pass holders Horizon .

Before leaving you to your video please note that the game can be purchased both in basic form, that bundled with Season Horizon: enjoy!

MX Video - Elite: Dangerous