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Kingdom Hearts III takes us on Olympus and Twilight Town with new images

After the many images and trailer about new worlds that will be featured in the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts III , Square Enix has now released a set of screenshots that are dedicated to both worlds already known and loved: the first is Twilight Town where Sora will meet his friends Hayner, Pence, and Olette.

The group, according to a tweet of official twitter page of Kingdom Hearts, will be able to help by none other than Roxas the nobody of Sora. In the pictures you can among other things see the computer from which it was possible to enter the virtual Twilight Town where we lived the "last 7 days of Roxas".

As regards the second world, instead we see several old favorites in a new setting for Kingdom Hearts. We speak to Hercules and his companions and of course Hades, but after the Colosseum and the underworld looks like the adventure will focus on Mount Olympus with the presence of the father of our Herc, namely Zeus.

We leave you to images, remembering that the release of Kingdom Hearts III is waiting for the 29 January 2019.