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The survival Stranded Deep remains without publisher and is postponed until a later date

Announced in the console version a few weeks ago, the survival Stranded Deep would have come out these days, published by Telltale Games. Predictably, though, the sudden closing of Telltale ended up undermining the arrival on this title. Being at the moment without a Publisher, an interesting survival of Beam Team Games he missed the release date and at the moment we can not know if and when it is sold.

Of course we hope that some other publisher you can do next to help the publication of the title, but at the moment there are no news in this regard.

Stranded Deep puts the player in the shoes of a survivor of a plane crash: crash-landed on a deserted island, the protagonist must find a way to return home safely, addressing the many pitfalls that the Pacific put in front of him.

The game is characterized by its procedural generation of map (thus ensuring each time a different game world) which is also editable by the player, through a dedicated editor . Very interesting is also the management, more accurate and realistic than usual, the essential task of building equipment, sheds and makeshift boats.

Stranded Deep in the console version also includes the ability to achieve an unusual "definitive conclusion", with the return home of the protagonist.

We just have to cross our fingers and hope for a positive solution of the affair!