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Sea of Thieves: the Festival of the damned will add makeup for pirates and flames Ouija Board

At a conference held at New York Comic Con, Rare revealed new in Sea of Thieves that awaits us in the coming weeks, probably in the time of Halloween . This is the Festival of the damned , a new adventure of bilge Rats that will introduce two interesting innovations in the gaming world.

The first of these is the arrival of makeup for pirates: in addition to the already existing tattoos and scars, now we can also decorate the face of our characters with a variety of make-up available at retailers or beholden to special activities. Developers have shown during the Conference three of them: two had a skull shape, similar to those used in the Mexican day of the dead, while a covered his face with a series of signs obliques.

But the most interesting is that of spirit flame : when we die, now Ferry of the damned will find the well of Spirits , containing a flame that will have different colors depending on how we died. For example, if we were burned by a volcanic rock or were killed by explosive skeleton, the color of the flame will be different. Players will interact with well picking up the flame inside their lanterns, after which it can be used both to apply decorations Ouija Board to Galleons, both to interact in various ways with the game world. You did not specify in what ways, but we imagine for example a search of Treasury requesting at one point Turning specifically to do a red flame you will go spirit to commit suicide at a volcanic rock, collect the Red flame and then go on a mission where to use that flame.

These novelties will be introduced with the next adventure of bilge Rats, but as always will remain permanently in the game world even after the adventure in time is over. Stay tuned to learn about the arrival date of the Festival of the damned !