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Rockstar Unveils Red Dead Online, the multiplayer of RDR 2; starts with an Open Beta

So far Rockstar has only ever talked about the single player component of Red Dead Redemption 2 , but it was already known that the title would also have a multiplayer segment and awaited only the official announcement. That time has finally arrived: Rockstar Games has just announced Red Dead Online .

Red Dead Online will be an evolution of Red Dead Redemption multiplayer experience and be based in new ways the narrative with the gameplay is cooperative than competitive. RDO will be reserved for all owners of Red Dead Redemption 2 , and it uses the gameplay of this as a basis to create a navigable online world alone or with friends.

Red Dead Online will arrive in November, after the release of the main game, and will initially be in the form of public beta accessible to everyone, and then became reserved for buyers of the game after that experience will have been filed and bugs removed. And developers tell us that, as with all online experiences, at the beginning the problems there will be, but the team will do their best to fix everything and make RFQ a truly innovative.

Now for the good news about Red Dead Online end there: we'll update when we know more!