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Hunt Showdown: The new FPS from Crytek is coming in the Game Preview program

During the special episode of Inside Xbox, Live from Cologne, was announced the Arrival of Hunt Showdown, the horror-dyed Online FPS developed by Crytek. The game combines PvP and PvE elements, with players committed to chasing horrible creatures to accumulate riches, while you watch their backs from other players, ready to eliminate you and steal everything from you.

A particular feature of the game is the Permadeath , which is the loss of all the loot in the event of death.

Still do not know the arrival times of Hunt Showdown and launch price, but we remind you that will be part of the program Game Preview. Waiting to learn more, we leave you to the trailer of the PC version (equal to the counterpart shown on Inside Xbox), waiting for the arrival of official material of the Xbox One version: Good vision!

MX Video - Hunt: Showdown