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Dead or Alive 6: reveal two playable characters

Team Ninja has revealed two new playable characters of Dead or Alive 6 : Diego , a new wrestler, and Rig , which comes directly from Dead or Alive 5. Diego will bring in this new installment in the series very special moves, as tested and tackles. He began to fight in the streets of New York to earn money needed for care of sick mother, but soon became " the hero without a Crown " of the city.

Rig is a master of taekwondo and back in this new chapter with acrobatic moves and dynamic.

So, to recap, the playable characters so far revealed are: Diego, Helena Douglas, Hayate, Kasumi, Jann Lee, Rig, Ryu Hayabusa and Zack.

We leave you to the trailer that accompanied the announcement, in which Diego tackles Rig: enjoy!

MX Video - Dead or Alive 6