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A trailer for "No Man's Sky shows us the new multiplayer

Hello Games has released a new trailer revealing the multiplayer gameplay of No Man's Sky . Multiplayer mode, available since the launch of the title, players will explore, fight and survive with their friends in the vast universe of the game.

Below is a list of some things that you can update notice from the trailer:


  • Create a team with a small group of friends and explore the universe together, or take unknown travellers.
  • You can help your friends, or attack other players in order to survive.
  • From the smallest shelters at more complex colonies, all that you build with your group will be shared with all players.
  • Step into the shoes of an intergalactic pirate or a simple gregarious and dive in epic space battles with friends and enemies.
  • Compete with the exoscafo on impassable territory aliens and create new paths to share online.
  • The new character editor allows you to customize its look as you wish.


  • The game is fully playable in first or third person, both on land and aboard the spaceship.
  • The addition of planetary rings and the various Visual improvements make the universe more charming than ever.
  • Made major improvements to the generation of planetary terrain, textures of soils, water and the clouds, making the setting and nature even more alive.
  • Added a considerable amount of detail to ships, NPCs and buildings.

Base Building Unlimited

  • The bases can be built anywhere, on any planet.
  • You can build a much more structured and complex bases and were greatly increased the size limits.
  • Hundreds of new components available for the construction of the base.
  • Chance to own multiple bases simultaneously.

In command of Immense Space Frigates

  • Assemble and enhance your fleet of spaceships and comandatela from the deck of your Frigate.
  • Send your fleet to explore the universe or call it in your help while you venture into a specific system.
  • Improvements in the system of construction of the frigates will enable you to achieve your dream's flagship.
  • Invite your friends on board and take them with you in exciting multiplayer missions thanks to Galactic Commission station, located on your bridge.

505 Games publish and deploy worldwide Xbox One physical version of No Man's Sky that will be available in stores from Friday 27 August (while will be available digitally since July 24). We leave the trailer in Italian: enjoy!

MX Video - No Man's Sky