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The charming action-platformer Dead Cells arrive on 7 August

The French study Motion Twins announced with a trailer the release date of the visually stunning action-platformer 2D Dead Cells , revealing that the title will be available on Xbox One from 7 August. The title is already available to preorder and can be purchased by members of the to 19.99 Euros with one 20% discount on full price.

Dead Cells follows what developers define be the style RogueVania , a cross between the worlds vast and interconnected like metroidvania and permadeth mechanics and replayability of titles Roguelike: there are indeed steps see, skill to unlock and the threat of a permanent death combined with the lack of checkpoints. If you don't beat the boss on his first try, you should retry da capo ending while maintaining some of the advances like steps unlocked, new levels, mutations, skills and weapons.

We leave you to the trailer that recaps some features: enjoy!

MX Video - Dead Cells