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The first-person puzzler The Spectrum Retreat arrives in July

After it is revealed to the world last April, Ripstone Games today announced that The Spectrum Retreat , the first-person puzzler game under development at Dan Smith , will come out very soon, otherwise than as specified formerly: the launch date will be fixed at 13 July [/play] 10 [play] .

The Spectrum Retreat , set in the near future, we will see inside the hotel The Penrose , quiet but eerie refuge from the outside world. In the exploration of the charming Art Deco hotel, we will discover the secrets that this place hides and the uncertainty surrounding our residence in the stable.

Along with the announcement, the developer has also released the launch trailer of the title which, remember, you get the 13 on Xbox One ; b OOD vision!

MX Video - The Spectrum Retreat