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Ashen: E3 gameplay, will be included in the launch Game Pass

One of the titles that had not hitherto seen from E3 is Ashen , the fascinating adventure of Aurora44 low-poly immerse us in a fantasy world with a chance to meet and work together with numerous other players along the way, all without voice communication but by using only sign language. The game was however present in Los Angeles, and IGN has released a video of the gameplay the game's creative director Derek Bradley commented.

What's interesting, besides the gameplay itself where we can admire the scenery and the combat mechanics and interaction with other players, that's what says Bradley at the end of the presentation; In addition to confirming that the title will come in 2018, the creative director also confirmed that the game will be included in the Xbox launch Game Pass , making himself so playable for free to all subscribers to the service. The news was already mentioned on the stage of the Conference quickly Xbox but this interview she confirmed.

It wasn't a news granted, since at the time the only games that we know will come for sure the launch in Microsoft's first party titles are Game Pass, and this is not it; Bradley explains, however, that the team wants to make sure the presence of as many players as possible to launch, so to populate the game world, and the presence in the Game passes will provide just that.

We leave you now to your movie: enjoy!

MX Video - Ashen