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Rumor about Halo game and will be exclusively Infinite single player location at launch

With the brief but spectacular trailer of Halo Endless Xbox E3 Conference, Microsoft and 343 Industries took everyone by surprise because of the locations shown in the trailer, which seem to bring us back on the ring followed by Master Chief in Halo: CE , although it is now destroyed. Microsoft has not revealed anything about, apart from confirming that the new game will have as protagonist Master Chief and will continue its history of where we left it in Halo 5: Guardians . In short, we speak in all of Halo 6 .

But today we learn some more information, albeit via absolutely unofficial. The first relates to the setting of the game: after the release of the trailer, the fans have been busy seizing more clues as possible about where the game could be set, and it seems that the ring shown in the game wasn't the first title but the 07 installation .

The information comes from a detail of the video found by fans: at the beginning of the trailer shows a walkie-talkie that receives a message in morse code, which decoded reads "SOS HALO ZETAS GRD." This likely refers to " Halo Zetas " or, indeed the Installation 07 , a ring of which there has been much talk in the novels and also in Halo 2 and 3, and that is apparently the only one left intact in the universe.

In the lore of Halo, installation 07 hosts a terrestrial ecosystem similar to that with forests, deserts, seas, mountains, glaciers and a rich flora and fauna including deer, just like the same beings that appear at the beginning the trailer:

This additional element gives greater weight to the hypothesis that the new game will be set on this ring, bringing us to locations that attract very closely those of the first Halo. In short, a sort of back to basics for the series.

And if that is what we can learn so far on the location of the game, another interesting rumor arriving on the nature of the game itself from the site , whose editor Brad Sams was the first to leak the announcement of the new Halo, although He mistakenly called him "Infinity". Well, in the new article Sams explains he learned that Halo Infinite will come towards the end of 2019 as exclusively single-player game. Second, the Fund will come in 2020 multiplayer Sams is not currently clear whether as a separate game or as an upgrade of the main title.

If this is true, there is further evidence of the great return to emphasis on single-player titles that Microsoft has shown this E3, with the acquisition of specialized development studios largely narrative experiences. Probably, for a real revival of Halo, the House of Redmond wants to first propose a single-player experience spectacular (thanks to the new engine and a lush environment rich in wildlife as shown us from the trailer) and satisfying without distracting us with a fund multiplayer, then add this part later.

You will really like this? We should probably wait for the next E3 to know, but obviously we will report any further rumor that transpires until then!