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PES 2019 officially announced, comes at the end of August; details and video

After the recent rumor about PES 2019 , Konami has now officially announced the new episode of the famous soccer series, revealing the first details and fixing the launch date to August 30 , well in advance on the usual output of September.

The software house explains that the game will be sold in three versions: Standard , Legend Edition and David Beckham Edition . Here are the details of the items MyClub included in each edition:

Standard Edition

  • David Beckham on loan to 2018 10 matches
  • Philippe Coutinho on loan for 10 matches
  • Premium agent (3 players) x 10 weeks
  • 3 x player contracts 10 weeks

Legend Edition

  • Player legend PES
  • David Beckham 2018
  • Philippe Coutinho on loan for 10 matches
  • Premium agent (3 players) x 30 weeks
  • 3 x player contracts 30 weeks

David Beckham Edition

  • David Beckham 2018
  • Philippe Coutinho on loan for 10 matches
  • Premium agent (3 players) x 20 weeks
  • 3 x 20-week player contracts

In addition all preorders will get a player on loan and 1,000 coins myClub PES Brazil legend.

Coming to the features of the game, Konami promises "new leagues with full licenses"; the details have not yet been announced, but will be revealed soon. These will add a completely revised and new features to MyClub mode gameplay:

  • Will be introduced 11 new skills that will increase the exclusivity of the player, such as changing direction at 180°, no-look pass, LOB, pull down and pull up, bringing the total to 39.
  • Also the individuality of player was brought to another level, ensuring that skills and strengths have a deeper impact on the dynamics of the game.
  • The animation and the fluidity of the dribbling is now based on a variety of factors, such as the position of the player and the ball along the defensive line, the precise movements to feint at the sides and an awareness of the proximity of the opponent when turning.
  • Introduces new shooting mechanics with unique animations and varied, including the movement of the ball between your hands expanses of porters, the reactions of a tip that misses little and most intense reactions/joyous in the penalty area.
  • A significant addition is visible Fatigue — a resistance system reworked and recalibrated. Players will clear visual feedback when they are tired, and the resistance will affect the way they play. The manner in which you will manage the players in a game and replacements could make the difference between victory and defeat.
  • When the ball comes out, you'll have quick substitutions. By running the Setup command, you will receive suggestions about changes to the resistance and the location. Stop a game when the voltage is skyrocketing is a cardinal sin!
  • Improvements have been made to make the movement more natural and varied ball. Now the trajectory of the ball is based on posture and how it takes. In addition, different game situations, like the bouncing ball on the body of the goalkeeper or defender standing, ending with results more realistic.
  • The possibility of being able to touch with his whole body introduced last year has been further improved. The way the ball is controlled depends more on the situation surrounding the stop is therefore more fluid and sensible.

The developers promise finally full 4 k compatibility HDR on the consoles that support it, with large graphic improvements to stadiums and enlightenment.

We leave you now to announce trailer and to a set of images from the game: enjoy!

MX Video - PES 2019