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505 Games Announces Assetto Corsa: Ultimate Edition

Kunos Simulations and 505 Games announced Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition, re-complete edition which contains all eight DLC so far for Assetto Corsa arriving to [/play] the [play] Xbox One PlayStation 4 next April 20 .

This new edition includes the three Porsche Pack s, the Red Pack , the ReadyToRace , J Japanese Packs , the Ferrari 70th Anniversary DLC and comprises a total of 178 cars with prestigious brands like Ferrari's F , Porsche, BMW, Audi, Lamborghini, McLaren, Lotus, Maserati, Corvette, Prague and many others.

Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition also boasts 33 configurations on 16 circuits included legendary Spa Francorchamps, N├╝rburgring-Nordschleife , Laguna Seca and Silverstone and uses an advanced physics engine, with features never seen in other racing simulators, such as tyre heat cycle track, graining and blistering.

To celebrate the release of Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition was released a trailer that summarizes the contents of this new edition; I will show below: enjoy!

MX Video - Assetto Corsa