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Halo MCC Collection: 343 promises improvements and optimizations for Xbox One X

Apparently Halo 5 won't be the only title in the series to be optimized for Xbox One x. 343 Industries announced today with a tweet that the Master Chief Halo: The Collection is specifically optimized for the new console Microsoft, although this will not happen at launch but only in 2018.

And that's not all: the firm promised that at the same time as these optimizations, will also work to fix some historical problems of the game, such as matchmaking and frame-rate problems in co-op. These improvements will be coming to all versions of the game, even on One basis then, and will be released also in 2018.

Returning to the optimizations for Xbox One X, we don't know what it will be and if it will cover all games included in the collection; We will update when we know more, stay tuned!